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Online giving for our parish and congregations are available through VANCO, an online giving site that can process your donation through your personal checking, savings or credit card account. Each donation can be given anonymously or credited to you for tax-related purposes. It can be set up as a one-time donation or automatically every week, month, or year.

Check out your congregation or parish link. Then bookmark this page for future use.



Please note that there is a fee for using this service. You will have the option to offset the fee that the church would incur. We recommend you add $1.00 if you are donating through your checking or savings account. The application will automatically calculate the credit card fee if you choose to make this part of your donation.

You may also give to your church directly through your own bank. See one of their customer service representatives for more information on how to do that.

For the life of the church, we have depended on the gifts we receive on Sunday mornings in our offering plate to support the work of the church. But our world is changing and being that we now live and work 24/7, we have to find other ways to receive the donations we depend on. Between our commitments that keep us from attending worship on Sundays, to snowstorms that cancel our services, we still need your support. We hope this new service will make that easier for you.

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